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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Adidas Mens Corner Blitz MD Low Black/Running White/Graphite Cleats shoe

The Corner Blitz MD Low football shoe from Adidas features synthetic leather upper which is lightweight and durable. EVA insole provides comfort. Molded EVA midsole provides fit and comfort and multi-directional patter outsole for maximum traction.

Before Tiger Woods came to the attention of sports audiences, golf was primarily known as a game among the rich. The sport was more associated with middle aged men than young, glamorous players like Woods and Michelle Wie. But now, not only is golf a game for the young, it is also something that people follow in television like soccer, tennis, basketball and baseball. The emergence of young professional players has made the game a mainstream sport. With the popularity of the sport comes a bevy of sponsors that market products from clothing to supplies to golf sunglasses. Golf is a game as marketable as the next sport with its players as its most effective advertisers.

Golf sunglasses are a necessity among players since the game is played in an open field where the sun shines directly on the players and the brightness of its light is further enhanced by the greens. As much as a necessity, sunglasses worn by golfers are also a fashionable accessory, with ordinary consumers' purchase decisions likely to be influenced by what the golfers are wearing. Brands of golfers' sunglasses like Bolle, Rudy Project, Oakley, Adidas and Nike have come up with various models designed to protect players from the harmful rays of the sun and at the same time make them look cool for the television cameras.

In purchasing golfing eyewear, a buyer needs to look for a brand that has the ability to block both UVB and UVA light. A pair of sunglasses with higher nanometer rating is a better option since it would be much effective at blocking the sun's ultraviolet light. Ability to enhance contrast and higher depth perception properties are also a must. In this regard, sunglasses with yellow lenses are the most highly recommended for the golf course. Yellow-lensed sunglasses are known for effectively enhancing the differences in the surface and the grain and can help players determine variations in slope and terrain.

Another important feature that golfers' sunglasses should have is a 180-degree vision. Some current models have this feature which allows players to view the line of putt through the lens without having to lift his or her head. Sunglasses with such vision are also known as wrap lenses or swept back lenses. Rimless sunglasses are also common among golfers since rimless eyepieces allow them to look down at the ball without being distracted by the sight of the glasses' rim.

Golf sunglasses can cost between $30 and $300 depending on the brand and the features. Regardless of the price, what every golfer should remember is to choose a pair with the highest capability to protect the eyes from the UV rays of the sun. It would also be great if the pair comes with a trendy design and an attention-grabbing look.

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