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Monday, 16 February 2009

Adidas Microbounce + Sprntl Fire Black/Silver/Light Scarlet Leather Running Shoes

The adidas Microbounce+ Supernatural Fire running shoe is super powered. While you run, heel-to-toe Bounce® is busy turning every last bit of energy into forward momentum so you can have more fun with less effort. The supernatural upper is all-over reflective radiating light like a heat shield. Synthetic upper adds fit and comfort. Bounce® technology provides optimized energy return and step in comfort. adiWEAR® outsole offers best durability in high wear areas. Non-marking rubber outsole. Wt. 13.4 oz.

Chess is often thought of as a complex game, but can really be easily learned. The key to becoming a better player is to never get stuck on one level of play. Always be adding to your game by learning and trying new strategies. Heres a few tips to start you off.

Whats A Good First Move?

Want to get the most freedom of your pieces right off the bat? Move the pawn in front of your king forward. While this may seem like it is leaving the king in a vulnerable position, it is also freeing up the queen and bishop to wreak havoc on your opponent!

Get Them In Checkmate In Just 4 Moves

In this series of moves, the bishop and queen are used to get your opponent into checkmate in just 4 moves. For your first move, move the pawn in front of the queen forward by 2 spaces. Your opponents move is next. Then move the bishop diagonal 3 spaces. After the next turn of your opponent, move your queen to the diagonal 2 spaces and let it sit in front of the pawn. Now, depending on your opponents next move, you can zip the queen straight up to his pawn, capture it and get the king in checkmate! Then king cannot capture the queen as he will then be captured by your bishop, he cannot move away from the queen as he is blocked by his own pieces.

Sacrificing Pieces

While nobody likes to lose a key piece, there are times, however when it makes sense to sacrifice one of your pieces. If an opponents piece is taking up a spot that you need open, putting one of your pieces in a position to lure his piece out to capture you is one way to move your game forward. Since you will be losing a piece, be sure to check the board carefully to make sure this really will result in the move you wanted!

Put Your Pieces In Play

The pieces in your back row are key to winning the game so you must move them out at first chance. At first you may reluctant to use your more powerful pieces for fear that they will be captured. Put them into play! The sooner you get those pieces out the sooner you will be able to invoke a strategy that will result in checkmate!

Lee Dobbins writes for many websites including Chess Moves.info where you can learn more about the game of chess.

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